Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(Not) Being Mugged II

Continuing pretty Rml's adventures in this dangerous world...

Second time around: 2007.
I worked as a cashier at a bookstore back then, and I was responsible for locking it up at midnight. Since the store was quite far from my boardinghouse, it took me about 40 minutes to get home.
I got off the bus at 1am, exhausted and sleepy. And frankly, in a bad mood - as a cashier, you gotta take a whole lotta crap from customers, for things that are absolutely not your fault. Please, people: try to be always polite towards cashiers! They deserve to hear "good morning", "thank you" and "bye" like everybody else!
All of a sudden, I see a couple of little muggers crossing the street towards me. (Just a couple of meters from the spot of my first not-being-mugged story.)
I rolled my eyes and thought the F word. See, they were waaaay younger, shorter and skinnier than me. And they had no guns whatsoever. Not even a splinter of glass. They couldn't have been less intimidating.
The first one approached me, trying to sound impressive - as if he knew what he was doing:
"You, give us your money now!".
I was so not in the mood for that. I looked him straight in the eye and said:
"Honey, do you honestly think that someone coming back from work at 1am has actually got ANY money? You're kidding, right?"
He seemed at a loss for words, and then the other meager little thing decided it was his turn:
"Then give us your mobile!"
I thought about that for a second. But it was still the same old crappy mobile from the first story (yes, that little thing hanged in there for much longer than anyone had ever dared imagine). Conclusion: they'd take it, then throw it away; and none of us would have the goddamn cellphone.
"Listen, my phone's really really old. Trust me: you don't want it."
They looked at each other, and finally said:
"Ok ma'am, sorry! Bye...". And they, too, went away without taking anything from me.
The thing is: I HAD money. I had R$20 - not much: you can buy a no.1 and some extra nuggets at McDonald's with that; but for them it was probably more than enough. And you know what? I would've given it to them, willingly, had they only ASKED for it! Had they appealed to my good nature, they could've had the money in the blink of an eye, and go eat something. But because they'd tried to take it instead of asking for it, I decided they wouldn't have it - not without a fight, they wouldn't.
They went away empty-handed, while I resumed my way back home trying to conceal a self-satisfied smirk. And walking juuuust a little bit faster.


Jamie Jenson said...

Only you could make two mugging stories humorous!! :-)

Anonymous said...

what are you? a danger magnet??!! haahaha...

Didz-W said...

Miss Robbie! I totally salute u! U're one of those lucky person in the whole world to be blessed from being mugged. Seriously! Funny story but then again, u really wowed me :D

Rml said...

@Jamie: hahaha, thnx!

@bella: maybe I am! Maybe MY nickname should Bella Swan then!

@Didz: I wowed you?! How very flattering, thnx! But yeah, it's true, I am very blessed in that sense!

RicAdeMus said...

He-he...I think these guys are just looking for excuses to spend time with you!!! When the "robbery" doesn't work out, they either give you money or apologize. Things like that don't happen to regular people. You are definitely special (in a good way). LOL

Anonymous said...

hey that is mine!!

Rml said...

@Rick: hahahahhahahaha, how... errrm... charming of those pple, hehe!

@bella: hehe, don't worry, I won't take it away from ya! =)

RicAdeMus said...

I understand how they felt--wanting to talk to a girl so badly, but too socially awkward or too intimidated by her to just approach her in a normal way. sigh!

beanizer_05 said...

they could've ask for your number instead than the mobile..ok, you won't give it to them anyway...

it made me think..it all happened to you when you are alone..but how about if you're w/ someone else..would that someone be lucky enough to drive them all away??..hehehe..

didz right, another "WOW" here!

rsrsrsrsrssrsrsr (did i say it right?)

Anonymous said...

@robz: lol!!
hey beani is in full mood of flirting!! hahaha....

ambiguous_angel said...

bella is right,
you're a danger magnet,
but a super lucky one.
a brave one.
i cant imagine what will i do if i were you.

and pleeeassse, stop walking alone, get a boyfriend or a body guard..haha

but not like the old boyfriend who'll just let you walk alone.

Rml said...

@Rick: awwwwwwww!!!! And also creepy, hehe. But yeah: social awkwardness? Been there, done that, WROTE the book, haha!

@beani: I like to think I'd be lucky enough for me and whatever companion of mine... but that remains to be seen...

@bella: just ignore him and everything will be alright, dear!

@angel: THank u! I don't know if I'm actually brave or just stupid... hahahahha, I don't walk alone so often... thank the gods, cause it obviously does me no good! But yeah, I could use a nice boyfriend! Last nice boyfriend I had moved to Israel... =(

Leona said...

Haha! :))
What an interesting story.

I've never quite had an experience coming close to that. XD

Rml said...

@Leona: hehe, thnx!

Massimo Z said...

what a heroine! Humorous as ever too

Rml said...

@Mass: heroine or just plain stupid, I wonder... but thnx anyway, hehe!