Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wild Guessing or Reading Minds?

I love people who go all "do you know that actor from that movie?" on you. They never know the name of the movie, song or actor/actress they wanna talk about - yet they INSIST on it. And we're supposed to guess who/what they're talking about.

Two recent instances I find noteworthy:

My boyfriend [talking about an actress I didn't know]: She was in that TV show!
Me: What TV show?
Bf.: The one with that actor!
Me [slightly puzzled]: What actor?
Bf. [annoyed that I didn't get it]: The one you like!
Me: ...which one? I like many.
Bf. [genuinely pissed that I didn't get it at once]: Man! The one who was Robin in the movie!
Me [finally understanding, and fighting the urge of answering Chris O'Donnel just to see his reaction]: Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Bf.: Yeah! He was in that TV show!
Me: "Third Rock From the Sun"?
Bf.: Yeah, exactly! So, in the show...
Me: Sorry honey, I'm no longer interested.

I should've said Chris O'Donnel, just for the kicks. He would've flipped.

Second instance: me and my friends talking about music and singers we consider tacky.

My Friend: And there's also that other guy!
Me: What guy?
Friend: That singer who's sooo tacky!
Me: Y...eeeeah... who?
Friend: He sang that song! From that movie!
Me [thinking "well, that's specific"]: What movie?!
Friend [narrowing it down brilliantly]: That one with Johnny Depp!
Me: Ohhh, ok. Good thing Johnny Depp has only been in ONE movie. 
Friend: You jerk.
Me: Don't tell me the movie was also directed by Tim Burton. Cause that'd be too specific.
Friend: No, it wasn't, amazingly enough...
Me [paused for a moment]: Oh, You mean Bryan Adams. Yeah, he's tacky as fuck.
Friend: YES! Bryan Adams, thank you!
Everybody pauses and looks at me with that "How on EARTH did you guess that?!"
Me [totally reading their minds]: I'm that awesome. Sorry.

I need to use my goood memory and mind-reading skills for more productive stuff in the future. Maybe ruling the world. Who's with me?!