Monday, July 19, 2010

Being 11 Years Old

Ok. This new school can be really scary sometimes... It's way way bigger than my old one... wish M. was here with me. She's my best friend. Wonder if we'll still be friends now that I changed schools...
I have Geometry this year. Ew. I can barely do subtraction exercises... I better get this thing down, otherwise dad will be disappointed. If he weren't an engineer, he might not mind it so much. Mom doesn't. But then again, she's soooo young...she's what, 32? Yeah, almost... apparently, that's young - you know, for a mother.
I don't think I'd like to have an 11-year-old daughter when I'm 32... well, I won't anyway, cause I'll only have children when I'm 29, so that settles it. I'll go to college, get a job, be successful, then get married - probably between 25 and 27 - and then have a baby when I'm 29.
I'll have to have a maid, obviously, to do the cleaning. After all, I can't clean anything: I'm allergic to a bunch of stuff and I'm clumsy. So there you have it, I'll need a maid.
But that's okay, cause I'll be loaded. I mean, I'll either be an archeologist or a teacher. I'd love to go around traveling and digging up stuff - in Greece, preferably. I'll go to Troy, I'm sure there's tons of things from the Trojan War for me to find out!
But being a teacher would also be really cool: a teacher gets to be around books all the time! And they can buy them with huge discounts! I'll have shelves and shelves of books covering the walls of the house!
Oh, there's Carol. She's rather unpleasant - she gossips all the time! Why doesn't she go read a book or something?! She should, she's not very smart... And she's mean, too; saying I'm stupid just cause I don't speak English... so what? I'm still smarter than her! And it's none of her business whether I like comic books or not. All full of herself cause she's got boobs already... yeah, I'm skinny, so? I'm not in a hurry!
I'll be rid of people like her when I get to University - hopefully. I'll have to go to college in Rio, obviously, the only college here sucks. Or so I've heard. Small town colleges are bound to suck, I guess. But as soon as I graduate there, I'll come back. This is where I wanna settle. I don't wanna live in a big city. I'll come back to mom and dad's, and live with them till I get married.
I'm not in hurry to grow up, though. Actually, kinda wish I didn't have to - being a grown-up seems to suck big time. They don't watch cartoons, how come?!
But at the same time... it would be kinda cool if I were an adult already. Like, 25. Sounds like a good age. I'll have already gone to Greece (I'll go on my 18th birthday, evidently), fnished college and I'll have a great job. I'll probably be getting married.
This man will have to be really patient, by the way. Mom's right, I AM hot-tempered... but I do believe it gets better with time.
Hope I'll have worked on that by the time I'm 25.


RicAdeMus said...

Wow! What a cool 11-year-old. I never thought more than a few weeks ahead. But there were glimpses here and there of the person I would become, or get back to being. Not sure which. But I remember I didn't want a wife or kids or any attachments or obligations. And this adult watches cartoons.

Why did you and your friend end up at different schools? Did you stay friends? It's cute you thought of your mom as young. When I was 11, my mom was 45, so 32 was young. It's just most kids don't think that way.

It's great to have a plan (wish I'd had one at some point), but it's important to remember that no plan survives it's first encounter with reality. Something always happens that requires adjustments to the plan. Life proceeds at its own pace.

25 IS a good age!

ambiguous_angel said...

wow, that is a fix plan huh..
we do have a lot in common anyway,
i plan to have a maid to (well, i should work to pay for her) cause i hate cleaning, its just not my thing.haha.
and i wanna be married at the age of 27 too.hhm.
and lastly, i am hot-tempered like you are.

Good luck with everything:)

Anonymous said...

awwww......such a cute girl!

Rml said...

@Rick: hahaha, thnx! Personally, I find that 11-year-old kinda too serious... I agree, it's really important to remember that plans can come crashing down any second - but try telling that to a child!
I started going to a different school because the previous one was freaking expensive - it was the school the prince of the Royal Portuguese family attended. See how expensive it was?! As for your question - it shall be answered on a future post! ;)

@angel: oh how cool, we're so similar! But we GOTTA work on the hot-tempered thing...

@bella: thanx! I get that a lot! XD

m.ulyssea said...

Hey, honey! Look at me: writing a blog and now posting a comment! :P

Anyway, I loved this! I think it's awesome that you were that clear about your future at 11!! (I mean, besides getting married and having children. Those are ordinary plans...)It never ceases to amaze me that you wanted to be a teacher since you were a kid! *_* (By the way, I wanted to dig stuff up too! but I wanted to do it in Egypt. Kinda cliched, right?)

Anyway, as I was reading your post I couldn't help but think: is there going to be a sister-post? Something about your life now, at 25? *looks at rml with big, hopefull eyes*

Rml said...

Hey hon! Wow, look at you! You go girl! *snaps her finger full of attitude*
Hahaha, yes - yes there will!

sssdawna said...

hahaha i wish i was that cool when i was 11!