Monday, August 31, 2009


Sometimes It Be That Way

And Romeo was a very nice man
He said "Sweetheart, I don't think you quite understand"
And I'm sorry if you had to explain it like this
Sorry I was a point you were destined to miss
And I'm sorry I spoke to you irreverently
Down in the hollow by the old olive tree
And I'm sorry if my heart breaking ruined your day
Oh well, sometimes it be that way

I said "Oh well, I got nothing left to sell
This love was a bell that rang unheard in the air
I was bound to find out that you didn't care
Oh well, sometimes it be that way"

And Aphrodite with her neon lamp
Kissed Neptune, they put her face on a stamp
And I'm sorry I used it to mail a letter to you
Sorry I'm glue and the rest... bounces off of you
I'm sorry not even this jet's metal wings
Could get across these simple things
And I'm sorry if I ever sang your name in vain
Oh well, sometimes it be that way

(I will stop bitching about it, I swear! Cross my heart and hope to die!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


How come one can climb Everest heights with such a savoir-faire - and yet, sprain their ankles bumping into the curb while crossing the street?

Sir Francis Drake, after crossing half world, helping (?) Queen Elizabeth I defeat the Spanish Armada and taking to England riches beyond imagination, simply died of dysentery in Panama.

Alcibiades was one of the most important Athenians of his time, and had the fate of the polis in his hands more than once; he circulated among Athenians, Spartans and Persians, toying with their trust and hopes, playing the warmonger and hero at the same time, selling one to the other in a never-ending fashion - only to die surrounded by some petty road thieves.

Achilles, the greatest Greek like, ever, did it all - confronted the king of the kings, refused to fight over a silly issue (ok, I know, there was the whole honour thing, he couldn't just let Agamemnon do whatever he felt like to him), cried a river over the death of his lover/best friend Patroclus, had Hephaestus (only one of the Twelve Olympians) do a whole new armour for him, scared poor Hector - the greatest Trojan - out of his mind and dragged his dead body all around the walls of Troy, mercilessly. He was even portrayed by Brad Pitt! Aaaaand, how did he die? Oh yeah: from an arrow. Shot from very afar. By the most gutless Trojan, namely Paris. Aimed at his heel. [sighs...]

Henry VIII changed England's history forever; he received the title of Protector of the Faith by Pope Clement VII; he turned his country topsy-turvy with his love for Anne Boleyn, his wife's lady-in-waiting; broke up with the Roman Catholic Church just so he could divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry the damn girl - sending her some years later to execution; married another, who died; married a forth, whom he divorced; married a fifth, whom he had executed (just as her cousin Anne Boleyn!); married a sixth, who was only spared from execution through his death. Wives galore! Meanwhile, not satisfied in marrying, divorcing and executing all of them, he still made war to this and that country, and had to supress here and there the influence of the Protestant religion in his domains. His death? Some historians regard it as having been from syphilis, whereas others consider it was probably diabetes. Either way, a silly way to go.

It's just ludicrous to climb so high and stumble over such trifles, isn't it?...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Diving III

So: who will take me to the hospital this time?

Okay, a grasp on reality: I've had way more serious... I've already had a head trauma that threw me into a coma, and another that almost bought me a way-one ticket. So quit the drama. This one's just a lump.
BUT: what's the use in comparing "all the cuts and bruises"? (Hello my job! Get out of my head!) What are u trying to get from it, see which one hurt more? Is there a prize for this shit or something? In the end, it doesn't really matter that u've had worse in the past - why, this freaking lump hurts now!

Lumps in the head can bother one for a really long time. I have a baaaad feeling about this one.

I wish I stopped going to the hospital so often, goddamn it...

(And I do wish I didn't have this stupid philosophy of "keep on diving"... Good God, what was I thinking... damn... Hate this "seize the day" thing I've got...)