Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taking a Vacation

I need a vacation from blogging... Too many blogs to read at the same time - and then looking at the screen, with no ideas... this is a horrible feeling.
So, vacations! That's what life's all about anyway: giving yourself time off. I need a month of not writing posts, not reading posts, not going to blogging communities and certainly NOT moderating comments. So while I'm away, everyone's free to comment whatever strikes their fancy.

I'll be back when the dust settles. In a better mood! And with a post worth reading! =)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dedicating: To A Pengwee!

First of all: Happy Easter everyone! Hope the bells from Rome have brought you a whole lotta chocolate! I got some from my students and family, so you're reading one happy gal's blog!

Now: this post is dedicated to this adorable pengwee I've met during my roamings in this blogging world. A pengwee I've come to like very very much (how could one not?!), and to whom I wish nothing but the best - and nothing this pengwee does not deserve.

Beware, though: it's a blurry pengwee, so I hope it's always careful, otherwise...

... it might trip, you know!

Besides being blurry, it's also a little psycho (I know someone who says so anyway)!

It matters not: it's still cute as all hell. 

 Soon, it'll be like this:

And then like this!

I just really hope it never gets like this:

Cus you know what?

Even if they do not exist in Rio de Janeiro.