Sunday, July 25, 2010

Being 25 Years Old

Huh. Funny you should mention me - I was just thinking about you the other day!
I woke up on Thursday, and it was that day we both look forward to the entire year; we were no longer 24, but 25. And I instantly knew that whatever was coming was gonna be great.
I thought of you as I left my house. I thought of you because, on my way to work, there was this beautiful sunrise, with these golden clouds tearing an outrageously blue sky, and casting golden shadows on the ocean. And (for the first time in a while) I thought to myself how breathtakingly gorgeous Rio can be. And I remembered you - you, who used to say that you'd never want to live in Rio; you, who hated big towns.
I know you don't like being told that (even nowadays, you still kind of don't, unfortunately), but you were wrong.
This may sound like crazy talk to you, but you actually enjoy living in a big city now; you enjoy the feeling of walking amidst the crowd, and yet, being alone with your thoughts. And just like a cheap profile on a dating website, you enjoy long walks on the beach and feeling small when you stand beside the ocean.
Don't get me wrong: you still love your hometown, and you hope to raise your chidren there. Just... not yet.
And speaking of children, I'm sorry: you're not getting married at 25. You seem to be quite far from it, actually! But it matters not, trust me. I know that's what every adult says, but I do know better.
By the age of 25 you'll have done things you never thought you would - good things and bad things. But all of them added something to you, and you'll find you can be a pretty fast learner, when you set your mind to it.  You'll know things you never thought you would. However, you won't have gone to Greece at 18. But you will go someday, I'll make sure of that.
And I'm sorry sweetie, but you'll no longer have a mother when you get to my age. But your dad's still here, and he loves you above everything else. Just like he's always done; it doesn't really matter to him whether you get Math or not.
That school you're still slightly scared of, that's where you're gonna have some of the best time of your life! A piece of advice? Go to the library. I know, you're enormously afraid of talking to strangers, specially adults, they intimidate you. Well... cut it out. That library's gonna be one of your best friends, and your world will get much bigger in there. I know you want to. Don't be afraid; besides, the librarian Gisele is quite the nice lady!
Don't you worry about your friend M. She'll remain your best friend for the years to come. She'll continue being the best friend one could ever hope for. In fact, she's just left your place, after having spent this Sunday afternoon with you, over pizza and movies.
And I really do wish you'd ignore that Carol girl. Yes, she's already got boobs at 11, but in a few years she'll be dieting maniacally to be as thin as you. Also, you're gonna speak English reasonably well in a near future; you'll even make a living out of it. By the way, have I mentioned that, yes, you ARE a teacher?
More advice for you: being intelligent is important, you're right; but being kind is essential, don't you forget that. And try to work on that bad temper of yours, will ya? Those things don't work out magically by themselves just because you're an adult. Gotta work for it.
Go to school now, stop neglecting your Math homework (yes, I know, it sucks) and rest assured that everything's gonna be alright - just not the way you thought it would.
I'll be waiting for you here.


Jamie said...

Your writing is so beautiful.

Rml said...

Thank you!!

beanizer_05 said...

guess i should believe didz now..
25 is the perfect age for proving lunacy..

ok i know you will tell me the nth time "what's good w/ being sane?"

hmmmm..will you please tell her to rephrase that statement:
being intelligent is important, you're right; but being kind is essential..above all, being pretty & slim is a curse to gents (of all status)..
another fact--GENEROSITY is the best to godliness..aren't you forgetting something??
well, just saying..

m.ulyssea said...

Oh, that was so sweet! You're the best friend one could ask for too!
And I wanted to say this in the other post, but you didn't seem to want to give away we were still friends, so I held myself: I thought of you everyday when you moved to another school! I spent all year trying to convince my mom I should go there too!! Pity it didn't work, but, hey, we're still here! :D

Didz-W said...

wow....that's just sooo beautiful...*sniff sniff*

Massimo Z said...

That was brilliant!

London's-beauty said...

you are one amazing blogger i have to say! I'm so thankful that Rick had you on his blogroll :P
My English is not so good, but hey! I could learn off you, your writing style is beautiful!

ambiguous_angel said...

well, they said it all.
and I agree with them, you written it beautifully:)

cant stop smiling while reading this:)

beanizer_05 said...

do we need to wait for rick for you to comment back?? great..just like the 11yrs old

RicAdeMus said...

This is a beautiful post. She would be comforted and encouraged by most of what you've shared. You'll have a nice touch with your kids when the time comes.

I know two 11 yr-olds who would have gotten along and maybe been a good influence on each other--one showing the way to the library and the other showing that adults are just people. Respectfully treating them like equals made him seem older than his years. The kids could have worked on their tempers together too. His had always been there in small ways, but was starting to grow (it was needed for self-defense). It was at its worst at 18. He managed to purge it in his twenties. No, not purge. It's still there, but only shows when needed for a good cause.

He hopes to hear all the stories about the things she's done that helped her become who she is today.

Rml said...

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to reply! I'm gonna defend my master's dissertation today (in 3 hours, to be exact), so you can imagine the mess my last days have been!
I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! And you're totally spoiling me with your extremely kind words... *she said, blushing ever so slightly*

(@beanie: stop being jealous! Tsk tsk tsk...)