Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Rambling

There were so many things that crossed my mind this week, and I resolved quite a few times: "Ok, now that's what I shall post on!". Unfortunately, the moment always faded away, and I didn't feel like writing about that anymore - sometimes I even forgot what I'd decided to write about.
So instead, I'm trying a miscellaneous today. Shall we?

This week I went to a store to have some texts I needed printed. I was wearing a cleavage.
The guy gave me a huge discount, and instead of paying R$48, I paid R$22. 
No one ever gives me discounts when I'm wearing overalls, my Kurt Cobain-y flannel shirt or my baggy pants. Huh.
I should rethink my dressing code.

Does anyone here remember, perhaps, the Matthew Shepard's funeral incident in 98? Well, just a reminder: the 21-year-old student was tortured and beaten up to death due to his being gay. Then, the hideous Westboro Baptist Church showed up in order to picket at his funeral,  saying the boy was burning in Hell, and carrying signs that said "God Hates Fags". Smooth. 
These guys are known for protesting against gay people, Jews (they went as far as saying Jews are the real Nazis. Nice.), any other religion, Chinese, black people, American soldiers, amongst many other things.
They're basically Mel Gibson.
I think I read somewhere that KKK has denied any kind of connection with them. Not sure if it's true, but if it is... that's rock bottom for ya.
Well, didn't I read this week they'll be picketing in front of San Diego Comic Con this year! They already have signs saying "God Hates Nerds". Apparently, us nerds worship comic book characters as if they were idols. Ha! 
Have you guys ever heard of a more non-threatening people than nerds?? A fountain pen could probably do, single-handedly, way more harm than five scores of us together, seriously. All you gotta do is wave a Darth Vader action figure in front of us. Mint condition, still in the box.
Besides, I do not worship comic book characters as if they were gods. Pff, I know they don't exist, hello! 
I worship Neil Gaiman. His existence's already been proved beyond doubt, I believe.

Speaking of Darth Vader: here's a list that goes to show how badly most of us nerds are in dire need of a social life, and how much we dearly dearly love Star Wars.
We should totally get a life. Or laid.

Who here's into soccer?
One of Brazil's biggest soccer teams is Flamengo - which I hate, btw, for me and my entire family support Flamengo's historical adversary, Fluminense. A much much classier team, that has seen better times, I must confess.
Aaaaanyway, the country's been in an uproar this past month over Flamengo's goalie, Bruno: his ex-lover Eliza, mother of his youngest child (and ugly as all hell), misteriously disappeared along with her child, and the police were looking into it. The girl had demanded a DNA test, in order to prove Bruno was indeed the child's father.
Bruno made a statement to some papers (brown press, I should add) saying the girl was no saint, and that they'd met during an orgy. Hey, don't judge him! According to him, every footballer has orgies galore!
The baby was eventually found, but still no sign of Eliza.
Suddenly, they discovered why: she'd been chopped into pieces and fed to Bruno's dogs. Rotwaillers, if I'm not mistaken. Classy. Bruno and his accomplices have been arrested for the murder.

Now he worries that this might affect his chances of playing for Brazil in the 2014 World Cup.
A guy who sees the big picture, no doubt.

Such a scandal has never occurred to any Fluminense player. Just saying.

Have a nice Sunday folks!


RicAdeMus said...

I know you're teasing about rethinking your dress code, you wouldn't take half off, just to get half off!!! =)

Those supposed church members are disgusting. I don't know if I could remain civilized if they showed up at a loved one's funeral. So they think nerds believe comic book characters are real? It's interesting that they equate fictional figures with religion. Maybe that says something about their faith. I really thought you were going to say they objected to the female super-hero costumes.

Maybe that group should focus on the worship of professional atheletes. Nothing good comes from the sense of entitlement atheletes are allowed to develop.

Ah, I've had time to reconsider my position on the dress code. You should do as you please. BUT, you need to get a guy's opinion on these new outfits before you wear them out in public. I'll help you. My e-mail address for photos is.... LOL! I know you would never fall for a line like that! ;P

Rml said...

Hahaha, jeez! You know, about the half off thing: I went back there again today, and had another text printed. I was wearing my baggy pants. There was no discount! Omg!

That Baptist group is disgusting. I've heard they do it just to piss people off and get assaulted. Then, they sue!!!! Can you believe that?! God...

Gabriel said...

Our lord Neil Gaiman shall condemn evil cults and footballers to an afterlife of pain and torture!

Rml said...

Hell yeah!!! Rs!...