Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looking For A Book (Whilst Being Outrageously Adorable)

This was me yesterday, before I finally stumbled into my copy of Dumas' The Vicomte of Bragelonne.
Except for the fact that not even I can look that ridiculously cute.


Now that's my kinda cat!
Pics like that make me feel like Elmira, from Tiny Toons...
Have a nice weeked y'all! (Why am I being Texan?...)


Leona said...

I need a good book to read soon, too!

Going out later to buy myself a nice book :)

RicAdeMus said...

Looking For A Book (Whilst Being Outrageously Adorable) = This was me yesterday

I believe you! =)

I like Elmira. But I hope kids see her and learn not to be like that--loving in a clueless, selfish way that chokes the life out. Poor kitty!

Anonymous said...

Happy Reading...let me kw what the book is abt...

Rml said...

@Leona: I love shopping for books! Have a good one!

@Rick: hahahahha, always the gentleman!
As for Elmira, well, she taught ME not to be like that! I used to watch Tiny Toons when I was 8 or 9... oh how I miss those days!

@bella: thnx! This book is a continuation of "The 3 Musketeers", my fave book of all time.

RicAdeMus said...

Helllllooo nurse!

My border collie doe s little howl that mimics that line--when he wants to be throw his toy,

harooooo-roo! Makes me think of Tiny Toons every time. =)

Didz-W said...

Great! I just love to go to a book store and I just grab any book that's doesn't have too much texts in it..hahaha! ok, that's not right. That's for kid!
So, is that book u reading any good?

Rml said...

@Rick: hahahhahaa, what kinda dog is that, with this weird noise?! (Btw, I love collies!!! Wish I could have one!)

@Didz: well, I'm loving it! I love everything this author, Alexandre Dumas, wrote!