Monday, February 28, 2011

Seeing a girl

What do you see when she passes you by?

Do you see a girl with skinny arms, forever brushing aside the mane of dark hair that insists on falling over her eyes?
Do you see a girl in a floral dress, reading a book, waiting for you on that bench?
Do you see a girl in a hurry to get to work on time, even though she doesn't really give a crap?
Do you see a girl? Do you see a woman?
Do you see a girl who speaks the same language you do? Or one who speaks in tongues? Is she from Babel, perhaps?
Do you think she belongs?
Does she disturb you? Do you see a chameleon?
Do you simply see a girl who's sitting on the seat you should be sitting?
Do you wonder whether she prefers writing letters to e-mails? Whether she's a cat or a dog person?
Do you see a broken heart?
Has it ever occurred to you to just ask?
Or does she merely... pass you by?

And none of us actually leave any footprints on the sand.


RicAdeMus said...

See? A woman too good for anyone I know. In a fairytale she'd be in the ivory tower, but that's not a good place for her. She's too full of life and has too much to offer. I'll ask her more questions next time I see her.

beanizer_05 said...
i just see a girl in drama!!! hahahaha!..
c'mon! what's with this post ma'am?
want me to wiggle my cute butt to make you smile? heheee..
cheer up!

Nashe^ said...

I've thought about this before but the answer is always the same- I'm never sure of what I see. I guess if we wanna know, sometimes we read their blogs. :p

Rml said...

Hahaha, you're all so cute, thanks! =)

Didz said...

Ah, I see! You're turning into a lady that reads & see things from the magic ball. haha!

But in the end, everybody is special in some ways that it's worth to see when you pass by. :)