Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Going Back (or: Moving On)

I'd never truly believed that one could go back to being friends with an ex. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to believe it, but there was no evidence that such a thing had ever been possible. Or even desirable.

And then there was K. We'd been good high-school friends for almost 2 years, and he asked me out on our prom night. Cute, right?! I'd had a crush on him for some time, so I immediately said yes.
He was a great boyfriend, and our relationship lasted for exactly a year. It ended mutually, discreetly, and with no drama whatsoever. We'd simply... grown apart. And I forgot all about it in a month or so. Since then, we seldom talked, and led completely different lives.
But 2007 came; I was having some problems (of my own creation, I might add), and no one to actually talk to. So I decided, one fine day, to go for a walk. And before I realized, I was passing right in front of K's building. 
I stopped, hesitated for a split second, and went in. After ringing my fingers into numbness, he finally answered the door in his pj's, his cute little ugly face and hair all over the place.
"Sleeping?" Not really a question, he's got this uncanny ability of sleeping till 4pm.
"Yeah... come on in." He didn't seem surprised to see me there, 3 years later.
He turned on the TV and went back to bed, while I sunk in his armchair.
"Tell me."
I did. I talked for an hour or so; when I finished, he just shrugged and replied I was an idiot. I agreed, and he offered me lunch. Not sure ramen qualifies as lunch, but that's beside the point. We watched MTV for a really long time, even though it was utterly idiotic and uninteresting; in the evening, some friends called him.
"Up for a night out?" "Sure thing", I said.
I had fun like I hadn't had for a really long time, and I even stayed up all night talking with everybody - something I'm usually incapable of doing (I generally stop functioning at 2am). He told me all about the girl he'd been pining for, and I gave him whatever advice I could.
At 5am we found ourselves sitting on a bench at the beach, in complete silence, watching the pink sky make way for the sun. 
At last, I broke the silence: "Thank you, K."
"Nah, don't mention it."
He gave me his bed to sleep in, while he took the couch. In the morning, I did the dishes he'd neglected the day before. After that, we started haging out quite often - till we both began working our asses off, and time was a luxury we couldn't afford anymore. But that mattered not: the damage was undone, and we were friends again.
He's now married to this really nice girl; they moved to the other side of town, so we rarely get to see them. But I can always count on them for my birthday parties.
This whole story kinda restored my faith in Time. It doesn't heal all wounds, but it does make you see that some wounds are but superficial scrapes.
And I have yet to see a more beautiful sunrise than that.

That's not really the sunrise I mentioned, but I had to have something!


Nashe^ said...

Aww. That's nice.
I've gone back to being friends with an ex before, but maybe that's because I wasn't too emotionally invested in it in the first place. (Plus I've got a great talent at being aloof about every damn thing so I guess that helped)

Didz said...

Robbie!!! Miss ya!
That's one sweet story...a friend like that should be treasured eternally.

beanizer_05 said...

heheee..that's sweet :)
oooops, can't relate well..so no further comment! haha!

how are you ma'am?

Anonymous said...

i cnt comment anything... but just smile!! :)

RicAdeMus said...

I'm a little sad that I could never help you the way he did. I could never call you an idiot. ;P

I've never tried to be friends with an ex, but I have let ex-friends back into my life--not sure yet if I'm happy about that.

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

I am still friends with all my ex's. Some of them still asked my advice about their relationship.

Rml said...

@Nashe^: some exs tried to keep me as some kind of... well, booty call, but I didn't allow it... that's why I didn't believe in being friends again, LOL!

@Didz: miss you toooooooooooooooo!!!!! =D

@beanie: I'm very fine, honey, how are you? Miss u!

@Bella: always happy to be able to make you smile! Btw, I saw "Breakfast Club" the other day and thought of you! =)

@Rick: hahahaha, sometimes being called an idiot helps!

@Sabahan: wow, you must be really reliable! Nice!