Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Answering 8 Questions

The lovely ssdawna tagged me last month, and though I've answered some tags like these in the past, it's always fun to do it again! First because the questions vary; second because, even if the questions were the same, it doesn't follow I'd answer them the exact same way I did, say, 6 months ago. After all, we're never the same person from yesterday, right? 

I quote Plato: You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.  
AND Pocahontas, of course: You can't step in the same river twice; the water is always changing, always flowing.
(I have the feeling that quoting Plato makes me sound way more intelligent than quoting Pocahontas. Oh well.)

Anyway, I digress. Point is: here are my answers.

1. What book would you recommend we read ASAP?
Oh gods, there are just so many... I'll list a few: To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee), The Catcher in the Rye (J. D. Salinger), 1984 (George Orwell), Demian (Hermann Hesse), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Ken Kesey), Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury). I recommend these because they make you think. I also recomment The Three Musketeers because it's my favorite book of all time! And I recommend any Jane Austen at any time of the day - I'm an incorrigible romantic - as well as any Charles Dickens.

2. When is your favorite time of day on a typical Wednesday?
Bed time. My Wednesdays are more tiring than any other day of the week.

3. How do you feel about getting/being married?
I think it must be awesome, provided you marry the right person. Looking forward to it (though I have nobody at the moment)!

4. Who knows more of your secrets than anyone else?
My friends Nicolas and Mariana.

5. Where do you go to unwind?
I go to my bedroom and grab a book. I'm nobody without a book. =P

6. Why do you get up every morning?
Sometimes I wake up simply because I've got work. Sometimes, because I'm tired of being in bed (that only happens on Sundays). Sometimes because I remember I have dreams, ambitions and passions, and I won't accomplish anything if I don't get up. But mostly, I get up every day in the hope that I'll find something worth getting up for out there.

7. What are your plans for Thanksgiving (or November 25th if you don't celebrate)?
(This question was obviously asked before Thanksgiving, and I answered it back then, though I'm only publishing it now. But it still stands.)
Well, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Brazil, so I guess it's gonna be a day just like any other. It's gonna be a Thursday, so I'll get up early, teach from 7 to 10am, go back home, have lunch, read and/or write, then go back to work at 5pm and teach till 9pm.
OK, that's boring.
(And that's EXACTLY what I did. The very definition of boring, huh?)

8. Whose face would you like to spit in tomorrow if you could without any bad consequences? :]
Hehe. Nice. Weeeeell... I'd spit on many people's faces! A co-worker of mine who's simply despicable and sneaky; another co-worker who's SO shallow and futile it makes me angry; my friend's Asian girlfriend - she's a bitch (pardon my French).
But then again, I usually just ignore those people's existence, so why would I spit on their faces anyway?...
Oh! I'd spit on all the drug dealers'faces. Bastards. Go wreak havoc in Hell.

And now I tag:

I tag some of them because I'd like to know more about them; others because I already know and like them, and would like to see their answers to my questions. Which are:

1. What movies would you recommend watching around Xmas? It's a nostalgic, sentimental time of the year, after all! 

2. And speaking of which, what are your plans for the holidays - both Xmas and New Year's Eve?

3.  How do you feel about Xmas? Are you actually celebrating the birth of Christ, or are you just in it for the food and presents? =P

4. Enough of Xmas. What do you think about right before sleeping, with your head lying on the pillow?

5. And what's your first thought when you wake up?

6. If you killed somebody, where would you bury the body? =P

7.What song do you avoid listening to, and why? (If I'm not prying, of course)

8. Is there any song that inspires you to be a better person? To dare, go places, do things? Go the distance? (Mine is "Go the Distance", from the Disney movie Hercules, LOL! I always feel like I can do ANYTHING when I listen to it!)


RicAdeMus said...

Don't feel bad about posting your response late, you're much faster at tags than I am. Much!

Thanks for throwing Dickens into #1. It's not that I'm really huge fan overall, but I do LOVE A Christmas Carol...to think that people can change and there's hope for everyone...maybe even me.

I love #6. Remind me of that the next time I'm feeling whiney and want to stop trying. =)

I both envy and feel bad for Nicolas and Mariana--some day you're going to have to take them both out to tie up loose ends. ;P I know, I've been watching too many spy movies lately.

Lovely answers!

Rml said...

Thanks! I love a Christmas Carol!! Hehe, you never forget your first Dickens! =P
HAHAHAHHA, yes, you HAVE been watching too many spy movies! (LOL, and don't give Mariana any ideas - she deeply dislikes Nick!)
Hehe, I liked #6 as well! ;)

heyimaghost said...

The song that makes me feel like I can do anything is "The Touch" by Stan Bush. . .But I guess that only makes sense if you watched the original cartoon Transformers movie and cared enough to look up the soundtrack. So, I'll just assume that a hearty "never mind" is in order.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for tagging :D
even i have tagged you so plz check my blog:)

Rml said...

@heyimaghost: awww, such a nerd! Welcome home! =P This whole "going after the soundtrack" thing - been there, done that, countless times!

@Bella: seen it, on it! =)

MeiBelle said...

Thanks for the Tag!! I'll be doing this, this weekend =)

beanizer_05 said...

hmp! i was thinking of the same hercules song, it's our graduation song..ok, i'll answer them soonest..bella and lupe tortured me too..grrrr..

ahmmm..just wondrin..you are not following my blog, so you won't be reading my answers? :(

Rml said...

@beanie: um... you blocked me, remember? The blog doesn't ALLOW ME to follow it...

beanizer_05 said...

huh?? NO, I DIDN'T! How can i block my pretty teacher eh??..You are NOT there in my block list,.and ma'am you are a follower of my other site..soooo..it's impossible for an angel here to block you *wide grin*..