Friday, August 19, 2011


*pokes her head through the door*
...Hello? Anybody there?

5 months of no writing; I feel rusty.

A friend of mine once told me that true artists are at their best when miserable; once their misfortunes reach an end and they're happy again, like Jane Austen heroines, Inspiration eludes them. Could it be true?

I realize I'm flattering myself, implying that I'm a “true artist”. Were I more realistic, I'd just admit I'm not this generation's Kundera or Salinger or Wilde – I'm not even the next Helen Fielding. I'm just an average girl (woman?) with Internet access at home.
Still, if I don't flatter myself, who will?
And I like to think my writing better than Stephenie Meyer's.

Moving on: maybe my friend's a cynic, I don't know. But I do know that it does make an awful lot of sense, from my point of view. And perhaps it doesn't have to apply solely to true artists; perhaps the same goes for average people with Internet access.

Well, I'm happy. Life has turned around in the most unexpected ways since March, and I didn't see it coming – not even when it was less than a foot away.
Not that I was unhappy before, far from it, my life was already pretty good. I just wasn't this happy.
And in being this happy, I, sorry to say, forgot all about this blog.

That is: until a chance remark by my great friend M.H. made me think; that remark, along with one of his own posts on his blog, and a comment by my other great friend Rick provided me with writing material.
Maybe I'd hit a writer's block because I was happy; maybe I'd hit a writer's block but didn't care about it cause I was happy. Maybe I was happy because I'd hit a writer's block. How many more combinations of “I'd hit a writer's block” and “I was happy” are there? Can I say “I'd hit a writer's block” and “I was happy” three times fast?, I can't; in my defense, English is not my mother language.

The word we're all looking for now is: anyway.
Anyway, I now know what I want to say here, and I shall soon say it. Not right now, though, cause this preamble is far too long already.
But I've found my will to ramble about life again – whilst being happy, which I had not thought possible.
Alas! I may not be a true artist after all!

*shrugs and closes the door*


RicAdeMus said...

Was it my use of the word "tontine"? My decision to blog again, but only about my dark side? Or my natural boyish charm??? LOL!

It doesn't matter, I'm just happy to see a post from you.

En-e-whey, I don't agree that happy people are uninspired or not at their creative peak. Plus, why would you want to be the next anyone else when you're the original you???

Nashe^ said...

You can always write about what's currently making you happy :)

Anonymous said...

yeyyy!!!!!!!!!! Ur back......:D

Rml said...

@Rick: hahahaha, it was a very old comment of yours! I don't think you'll remember it, though.
Thanks for calling me original! ^^

@Nashe^: and I fully intend to! ;)

@Bella: hehe, thanks hon! \o/

RicAdeMus said...

I like the new design. It's time for the preamble to be followed by some ambling! =)

RONNY DIAS said...

Hey, sweetie!!
It's nice to know that you were away for being happy!

I do think that when you're busy with such important matters, there's no problem in taking some time to completely live them. Impulsively, dare I say it!

Hope this happiness of yours keep going strong for as long as you deserve it: FOREVER!!!
Miss you!