Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Answering III - 25 Random Facts!

Well well well! I so didn't see it coming! I read the 25 random facts of a lotta pple the last couple of days, but now it's my turn! Fine by me, I actually enjoy talking about myself (how self-centered is that?!)

25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about ME. At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
1. I LOVE books and Literature, they're the core of everything I do.
2. My favorite writers are Milan Kundera, Hermann Hesse, Alexandre Dumas, J.D. Salinger (RIP), Ken Kesey, Machado de Assis, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Chaucer.
3. My two favorite children's books are The Little Engine That Could and The Ugly Duckling.
4. I'm a total dog person.
5. I love music, but specially rock and classical.
6. I'm always hungry, always eating something - and yet, I'm always thin, yay!
7. I've got real small feet
8. I'm kind of a nerd: I like comics, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and specially animes and mangas.
9. I love the Middle Ages, and my Master's thesis is about Medieval English Literature.
10. I can cook well.
11. I was karate champion here in Rio in 2004.
12. I used to cry during Physics tests at school, I just hate numbers and anything that involves Math...
13. I have mood swings - but I'm easy to calm down.
14. I love playing soccer.
15. I'm the only one in my family that cannot sing in tune...
16. My favorite color's light blue - but I rarely wear it, I'm too pale for that.
17. I loooove wearing hats!
18. I've been shit scared of the movie "Child's Play" since I was 6 - and have never actually watched, nor do I intend to!...
19. After I watched "The Ring", I couldn't sleep for 3 days.
20. My favorite book of all time is "The Three Musketeers", and I re-read it once a year ever since 1999.
21. I have a "Lord of the Rings" (extended version) marathon once a year as well!
22. My favorite number is 22!!
23. I'm as lazy as they come.
24. I sleep like a Disney princess: no toss and turning, talking, laughing, sleepwalking or drooling; in fact, I barely move.
25. I'm absolutely crazy about Disney movies! Know how to sing all the songs (in Portuguese and English), and can actually recite all the lines of some movies...

That was quite the list! I don't think all the pple I tag will go on w/ it, but that's okay...

Pple I've tagged: 
Beanizer (in response to his tag)
Didz (in response to her tag)


Didz-W said...

Hey, I'm a Disney lover too but I think not as crazy as you. Hehe. I like those classic Disney movies than the new ones (but new is still ok though). My personal favorite is Snow White....
Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! Hehee.

Rml said...

Hahahahha, yeah, I can get really obsessed!... I prefer the classic ones too... though this new one, "The Princess and the Frog" reminds me a lot of those!

beanizer_05 said...

i've commented earlier why can't i see my post here?..robbie have you read it or not??..

Rml said...

Oh! I haven't actually seen any other comment from you other than this one... This is the only one that showed up on my moderation page... would u like to try again? =P

Galaxy6139 said...


>>> 11. I was karate champion here in Rio in 2004 <<<

haha maybe that why make you

>>> 6. I'm always hungry, always eating something - and yet, I'm always thin, yay! <<<


Rml said...

Hahahahahhahahaha, indeed!

beanizer_05 said...

oh..maybe i forgot the word verification or what..hehehe..

i feel awkward reposting a comment again, i think it goes something i'll scroll your list again..wait..

i remember,
-i suggest you apply #11 on your #12 (each time your prof hands you the exam)
-you're a bookworm!..i don't read books, seriously, my nose bleeds when someone ask me about authors..hehehe..
-i watch disney channel too--asyd from mr. bean, i luv phineas and ferb..
-so you sleep like a princess? you are awaken by a kiss? like:
PRINCESS: "Just one kiss"
FROGGY: "Unless you beg for more.."
(now in theaters) hehehe
-and lastly, i guess didz is a bit lying there about the--you're crazy than her..she's more than crazy you know..(ssshhhh!..) ..but yeah, it's interesting to know you can recite some lines of the movies..hmm..will you prove it?--pls??..just one line..ok, that's too long,ok, one stanza only..but i have a memory loss, so can you speak the whole story??--pls??--just a simple baby request--

Rml said...

Hahahahahhahahha, okay, a lotta things to answer:
- I don't have to do anything about #12 anymore, I'm finishing my Master's - nooooo Physics for Robbie!!! Yay!
- I'm an official bookworm, and proud to be one! =)
- I looooooved "The Princess and the Frog"! That line was great! The prince was hilarious!
- hahahahhahah, I think u have a death wish, Didz was this close to killing you on her 25 random facts, u know!
- recite the whole story???? Hahahahah, I could do it in person, sure, but TYPING it??? I don't think so, baby! I'm not THAT crazy!

beanizer_05 said... i too long to reply on this one or too annoying to still reply on this??..hahaha..

-congrats on ur Master's degree...Master on what?..may i know?..
-if you're a bookworm,,im the..early bird???..can i be an early bird if im always late??..
-one time i thought i was already dead..and realize i just woke up didz didn't kill me that soon..she loves torturing me..hahaha!!!..

iv nothing to post now..can u make your new post for me to read?? more reciting, promise!!! :)

Rml said...

Hahahahhahahahahha, u'r not annoying, don't worry!
- a Master's in Medieval English History, Language and Literature;
- u might be A bird... but definitely not the early one, if you're always late!
- and u'r definitely a masochist!

Thy wish is my command! I'll publish the next one in an hour or so...