Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey there baby!

Sorry it took me longer than usual to answer your letter, but everything was a mess around here! Pops had to spend a couple of days at the hospital - and of course, my mother just went bonkers. He's fine, nothing too serious - when you're 95, anything could be it, you know? Also, I got two more shifts at the garage, so I had to reorganize my entire day... but that's okay, cus it means more money. Guess I'll be able to see you sooner than we expected! I could drop by on your birthday, what say you? I already got you a present, think you're gona like it - your first clue: you saw it at the mall, but couldn't buy it.
How's your family, and school? How did you do on those finals? I remember you were freaking out, but if I know you, I'll bet you did better than anyone else there! That's what you always do. I told Melissa about the things your rommie said, and wow, did she get mad! Said she was gonna go all the way down to Connecticut and "kick her sorry ass"! You know my sister, she gets like that...
Thought of you so much the other day. I was by the lake on the 4th of July, and we were all watching the fireworks, as usual. You know, the fireworks were gorgeous this year, old Burgess really outdid himself this time! You, more than anyone else, would've loved them. I missed you. Also: I was at the diner last week, and there was this girl, she had her back to me, and her hair was just like yours. I frozed there for a second, and I almost ran to her! Till I realized, of course, she didn't have her pinky. Yeah. Then I got to see her face - she was nothing like you. And I missed you again. You don't give me much peace of mind, do you?
Sometimes I think I should've gone with you - I don't care how. But then I think of Pops, mom would have to take care of him all by herself. She already works so much, you know... but one day I'll have my own garage, and I'll pay the bills by myself, without anybody's help. We'll have it good! Until then, I can't wait till you gradutate. One year more, and you'll be here again, think of that! Your parents are gonna flip, of course, but there's nothing they can do. If only they didn't care so much... I know shitloads of people (like your roomate) who just don't buy this long-distance relationship thing, but that's fine. I just laugh along - I know none of them have what we have. (Jake says that when I talk like that, I sound like a girl. But he's a jerk. That's what best friends are for, I guess, to laugh at us when we're taking ourselves too seriously.)
Gotta go now, time to put Pops to bed. You just be good, keep doing your thing, and don't you miss me too much, alright? I'll be there for your birthday - I'll walk to you if need be! And should you feel lonely, just listen to our song. My world's simply not what it used to be - and you're entirely to blame for that.
Love you.



beanizer_05 said...

hehe..m quite confused :(
s ds a leter frm ur bf?
hw r u robbie??

Rml said...

Hey there, I'm fine, thank u very much! Hehe, I'd NEVER post a letter from my bf! Just a story I made up.